#4 Shokuju no koto

about tree planting


#4 Shokuju no koto


All the coffee we handle comes from the small village of Harpan in Nepal. Nepalese coffee is characterised by its high aroma and a clean aftertaste with no bitterness.

We don’t just buy coffee from Nepal.
We also buy coffee seedlings grown
in the village of Harupang, Nepal (1,200 m above sea level),
where you can plant a coffee tree with your name on it.

 Through “tree planting”, which links environmental protection, increased income for coffee farmers and community building for consumers with a common value, the project aims to create a new value chain in the coffee cycle from production to consumption, while contributing to the prevention of global warming.
 Coffee is enjoyed by many people around the world, but it is currently facing a certain problem. This is the ‘decline in production due to global warming’.
 Rising temperatures and humidity make coffee more susceptible to rust, a serious coffee disease, leading to reduced yields and lower quality. As a result of the increasing damage caused by rust, many producers are expected to withdraw from coffee production, and it is said that by 2050 the number of arabica coffee growing areas will decrease by about 50%.

 Coffee, which is just a short walk away, has enriched people’s lives and increased communication. We have enjoyed the convenience and vibrancy of life, but at the same time our cities have been flooded with more coffee than we need.
 The result of this overabundance of coffee in the world has been a huge burden on farmers and the environment. Of course, the coffee business has saved the world in many ways. But I believe that this is only temporary. We question the age of mass production and mass consumption, when good coffee is so easily available, and advocate sustainable, drinkable coffee.

 ’We grow the coffee we drink.’

  We believe that such a coffee should be possible. We are building a society where we can continue to draw up a vision for the future with all people involved in coffee.


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