#5 ippai no enshutsu no koto

about the production of a cup of coffee


#5 Ippai no enshutsu no koto


The Story of BIKAS COFFEE tells the story behind a cup of BIKAS COFFEE.
The fifth story is about the production of a cup of coffee.

We are the ‘#Weekendbikascoffee’ as our sales concept.
Experience the story and taste of a special moment.
We deliver coffee to you.

When do you drink coffee?

On weekday mornings, a cup to wake you up from sleep.
On the way to work, at a nearby coffee stand
A cup to take away from work
After lunch, a cup to refresh you.
During evening breaks, a cup to take a breather
At the end of the working day, a cup to wake up from sleep and
A cup of coffee to wake you up and motivate you.

We want our coffee to be a part of your everyday life as “coffee to be drunk with care”.

Because our coffee is Coffee that has been carefully nurtured by the thoughts and feelings of many people
Coffee that is produced in a way that is kind to the earth and to the body
Coffee that does not encourage mass production and mass consumption

We don’t ask you to change all your daily coffee to BIKAS COFFEE.

“Only two out of ten cups”.

We want you to taste the story behind the coffee.
The story behind the coffee.
I think it would be nice if there was such a coffee.
I think it’s a good idea.

A weekend drink with a sumptuous breakfast
A weekend drink in nature with camping friends
A weekend drink at your favourite café
at your favourite café on the weekend with a good book
A weekend take-away drink with a picnic in sunny weather.

We do propose.
‘We don’t offer coffee, we offer the experience of drinking coffee with care.’

 For this reason, we offer our coffee in dunked coffee (tea packs) to reach people who do not have coffee equipment, including both daily coffee drinkers and non-drinkers.

 The taste of the coffee itself also shines through in the shallow roasting (shallow roasting), which allows the natural characteristics of the beans to shine through.

 It is easy to drink and enjoyable for all types of people, including those who do not like the bitterness of coffee and everyday coffee drinkers. The hojicha-like flavour may make it easier to capture the hearts of the Japanese.


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