#6 Jittempo no koto

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#6 Jittempo no koto


The Story of BIKAS COFFEE tells the story behind a cup of BIKAS COFFEE.
The sixth story is about the production of a cup of coffee.

We have a real shop in Edogawabashi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo,
where you can experience the world of BIKAS COFFEE
at any time.

On weekdays, the space is a coffee stand specialising in take-away, and on weekends it is an open space for members only, where you can experience our world view while drinking coffee, including events with our fans who share our philosophy.

 We do not just deliver the functional elements of coffee, but also the story of BIKAS COFFEE (values and worldview) to create the moment of drinking coffee while experiencing the story of BIKAS COFFEE, GLOBALACTION and communication with staff/fans, through the story of how coffee is made, GLOBALACTION and communication with staff/fans. The coffee is produced by the people involved in the production of the coffee. In other words, we promise to deliver the story of the people involved in coffee production and at the same time create a story of mirai that starts with a cup of coffee at Edogawabashi together with you.

More than just the taste and quality of coffee.
From here, from Edogawabashi.


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