A place where, just once a week,
working people after work and students after school
can get together with a cup of coffee in hand.

Some limited menu.

BIKAS COFFEE Tokyo, Edogawabashi, will open the shop’s lounge on weekday evenings for one day a week from August 2022. We will also offer a menu only available at night BIKAS and only here. Please come and visit and work after work or school. We look forward to seeing you in Edogawabashi, Tokyo.

*It is possible that some weeks may not be held due to circumstances at the shop. For the dates of each week, please check the official website and official SNS.
*Please note that the limited-edition menu may be sold out due to popular demand. Please be aware of this in advance.


On weekday evenings,
try to socialise with the people gathered here with a cup of BIKAS COFFEE in hand, or work on the rest of the day’s work in that space surrounded by philosophy – enjoy a different kind of BIKAS COFFEE in your own way and with your own passion.

Opening days : Scheduled to be every Thursday for a while.
Opening hours : 18:00 – 21:00
Limited menu: a treat until you visit us.


Why not take a short detour to BIKAS COFFEE on Thursday evenings? We look forward to welcoming you all.

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