This is a talk session by BIKAS (Yuki Kan), with BIKAS COFFEE in hand.
Everyone is welcome to attend.
This talk live will have a different theme each time, with BIKAS COFFEE as the starting point.


President of BIKAS COFFEE LLC. Currently 29 years old. Influenced by the film ‘We Can’t Change the World’, which he saw at university, he became involved in Nepal because he wanted to ‘change the world’. In his first year of university, he founded Lucky, a student organisation that supports education in Nepal and builds schools in rural areas.
After graduating, he started working for a PR company, but he could not give up his passion for Nepal, and in his second year with the company, he set up the NPO DREAM-Hack. After building a water supply system in Nepal, introducing a school lunch project (educational support) and providing saris to 85 girls who were victims of human trafficking, he launched the Nepalese coffee brand BIKAS COFFEE in December 2019. The company set up its first physical shop in Edogawabashi in October last year. BIKAS COFFEE was incorporated in April this year. She is committed to the development of BIKAS COFFEE as her life’s work, with the aim of creating an economic society in which all people can contribute to society.

#7 professionals and amateurs

The theme of the 7th edition is.
‘professionals’ and ‘amateurs’.
We will talk about ‘professionals’ and ‘amateurs’, based on our experiences in the business.

#6 What is 'work'?

<What is ‘work’?>
Whether you are a student or a working adult, this is a theme that we all think about at least once. Whether it is a feeling of discomfort with your current job or the feeling that it is an enjoyable job, we believe that it is something that happens every day when you look at the environment in which you work. This time, we would like to tell you about BIKAS COFFEE’s concept of ‘life work’ from the perspective of ‘work’.

#5 community✖️fan building

We have been working hard to build a community with our fan base since the early days of the brand. How can communities be used for marketing? We take a look at BIKAS COFFEE from a community angle.

#4 start-up✖️failure

Finally, the Pokhara branch opened last week! Even BIKAS COFFEE, which seems to be sailing smoothly, has had its share of failures. We will talk about how BIKAS COFFEE has not let failures end as failures, but has turned them into ideas.

#3 Career✖️International Cooperation

The theme of the third edition is
‘Career x International Cooperation’.
Our Brand Manager Yuki Kan, who has worked in international cooperation, will talk specially this time about his career and his experiences so far.
Feel free to attend.

#2 Nepl✖️Agriculture

The theme of the second edition is
‘Nepal x Agriculture’.
We will talk about Nepal, agriculture and the initiatives of BIKAS COFFEE.
Feel free to attend.

#1 Coffee✖️International Cooperation

The theme of the first commemorative edition is ‘Coffee x International Cooperation’
・Why Yuki Kan, who was involved in international cooperation as a student, founded BIKAS COFFEE.
・Why he has made it his “sub-mission” to stabilise employment in the village of Harupang, where the coffee is produced.


You can learn more about BIKAS COFFEE Brand Manager Suga on the following various social networking sites.
Twitter @suga3D
Instagram @bikas_bc

Participation is free of charge. Please order a cup of coffee at our shop.

BIKAS COFFEE, Edogawabashi, Tokyo, Japan. For more information see.

Anyone is welcome to attend. On top of that, we especially recommend it to those who are
✓interested in BIKAS COFFEE
✓would like to listen to Brand Manager Yuki Suga
✓interested in international cooperation and Nepal
✓working in the field of international cooperation
✓interested in how BIKAS COFFEE is involved in Nepal
✓would like to listen to the story of BIKAS COFFEE and have a cup of coffee

This is until approximately one day before the event date. However, this may vary from session to session, so please see the registration page for more details.